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Practice Makes Perfect

I was chatting with a friend of mine recently about his daughter’s basketball team.  She plays for the local high school.  She had hurt her ankle and I was asking him how she was doing.  He said she was great; during her last game, she scored 8 straight points to bring her team back from a deficit to win the game!  He was telling me that on this particular week she was not happy because she had to practice all week without playing a single game.  I told him I always loved to practice because I loved the game.  I suppose a lot of kids don’t like to practice – they simply love the ‘game’. 

In life, there are always things we like to do and things we have to do.  I suppose, in fact I know, I am very blessed to be able to do many things I love to do.  Just this week my wife and I were discussing the crazy stock market.  I shared with her that I thought is was great that the market was getting a correction, as this is healthy for the market long-term.  She indicated that there was probably not much I could do right now so I could not worry about it until the craziness passed.  We, I am not worried about it because I believe times of turmoil can bring us great opportunity. 

I do have a very non-traditional work life.  Many folks meet with clients in their offices Monday through Friday and relax on nights and weekends.  This is not how I roll!  I had a client come in to see me recently.  She has been a client for 20 years and is aging.  She told me she was thinking about moving to a little town in a remote area of South Carolina where she could be closer to family.  I think she was worried about not being able to see me, but of course I will go visit with her.  She asked me if I could come see her once a year and I told her I would be there when she needed me.  At Carolinas Wealth Management, we do not have hours.  We have obligations we are privileged to honor!

So as I sit by the fire on this rainy Saturday morning, I am thankful for the rain.  I am thankful the best and most enjoyable thing I can do right now is review client’s accounts!  That may sound really weird to some but I truly love ‘practicing’ my profession.  I do love the face-to-face meetings with each of you. But in order to feel confident that I am doing the best I possibly can for you, there are things that must be done behind the scenes.  I know the reward of reviewing these accounts is the happiness and acceptance that I get from my clients. If the little things are not done behind the scenes, the rewards can’t be realized.

Making sure the little things are done in financial services can become overwhelming at times.  This is why I am thankful for a great team of folks that support our clients.  I am also thankful when new members of the team are led to us.  I am always on the lookout for folks that have the same values we do and the same commitment to serving our clients.  I am more so on the lookout today to make sure we are always on top of your needs.  To that end, I am very excited to welcome a new team member, Robert Balmer to our group in our Columbia office.  Robert is a veteran to the financial services industry with over 10 years of experience.  He is also an ordained minister so I recruited him to keep me straight!  Robert and I will be working together to help each other with our respective clients.   Luckily, we have skill sets that are complimentary.  I know everyone in our Columbia office will eventually meet him. 

Speaking of our Columbia office, after over 5 years at our Forest Acres location, we have made the decision to relocate.  Our Trenholm Road office was a great location.  I chose it when we were planning to aggressively grow our client base.  However, this location was not even close to being centrally located for the majority of our Columbia clients.  After spending the better part of 12 years downtown, I am working my way back to the downtown area.  I am pleased to let you know our offices are now located on Park Street in the Vista.  Later this month, we will send all our Columbia clients a communication piece to include specific information and directions to our new location.  I know you will love this office as much as I do. But please know this.   No matter where our office, no matter where you live or what the markets or economy may be doing, we will keep “practicing” hard to ensure your success and happiness!





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